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snowed in

snowed in

What a temperamental weekend. From ten inches of snow on Friday to warmer temperatures and rain on Monday, my head is just about ready to explode.

I’ve been struggling to write a post about all of the plant babies I recently became Plant Mum to after I decided I wanted an army of air cleaners in my house. Actually, struggling isn’t the right word, so much as lazy and distracted. Oops.

Then, Snowmageddon, or some other crazy name, happened, and I got all snow photo happy all weekend.

Then, I got distracted with planning for New York City this weekend and getting orders complete and being woken up at four in the morning by playful cats, random brain activity, and snoring husbands. Talk about dragging my feet yesterday.

I’ve also been holding off because I plan on segregating this here blog to its own space. It doesn’t feel right having this all lumped together, blending portfolio with carefree blog posts about life and things.

Having said all that, let’s rewind to the important topic at hand – SNOW!

Talk about the most beautiful Friday ever, despite having to drive on the snow covered roads to work, while everyone else stayed home in their pajamas watching movies.

By everyone else, I literally mean everyone else because my workplace wasn’t all that deserted. People around here are hardcore snow drivers who throw caution to the wind.

snow feeder

snow mountains

tea lights

It was rather entertaining, Friday afternoon and evening, watching car, after car, after car, get caught in the hell that is Side Street Snow. From having our shovels borrowed to just watching people attempt to push their cars out of the snowy pits, we had some sort of Caught in the Snow Fiesta to wintess until late in the evening.

The next morning, however, the skies were crystal clear blue, the air was chilly, but warm enough, and our neighbour had some pretty intense icicles forming on the back part of his roof. By intense icicles, I mean, icicles that can kill you by just looking at you.

roof icicles

Sunday morning was much of the same but came with the added benefit of frosting. The world was white. Perfect, pristine, white. A delicious cake with perfect icing that had yet been tasted or poked.



Mornings don’t really get much better than that.

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