I may be in my late 20s, but I have a penchant for making silly faces, acting ridiculous and dressing up, all in the name of fun times. I am no stranger to loud, dreadful music and moments of dancing with a bass beat so heavy, the furniture shakes. I may, at times, drink too much coffee, but at least that leads to impossibly fast sentences that may or may not be coherent mumbles. I’ve taken to drinking herbal tea after eleven in the morning. Usually.

I grew up reading books and wanting nothing more than to be an author. Somewhere on my journey, I took a pit stop in Advertising, thinking a life of copy writing would instead be my destination. Instead, I fell into designing and haven’t been able to crawl out of its dark and very deep pit of creativity, colour and hot-off-the-press, newly printed materials. That seems to happen to a lot of us, doesn’t it? Well, not the deep, dark pits of stuff, but deviation. Divine intervention. Confusion. Lack of knowing what you want to do with your life. Whatever you want to call it, it happens. It’s there. We deal.

And so, here we are.

My name is Victoria, or Vicentine, if you’re so inclined. My moniker was born during a desperate brainstorming session, eight years ago, for a really wicked birthday party theme. The recipe consisted of taking my name, mixing in a little Valentines (I was born five days post-Valentine’s Day) and somehow ending up with Vicentine. To this day, many people will at first think it reads as VICE-n-tine until I ever so shyly correct them. Oh well. You win some. You lose some.

I’m a full time corporate designer by day, part time Etsy retailer by night, quarter time Zumba instructor, and generally, a little quirky. Actually, wait. Can you even say quirky anymore without the name Zooey Deschanel being thrown around? Let’s just say I can be a little odd. Or perfectly normal, depending on your flavour.

I have two cats. Little Miss Daisy and Beatrice Pussyfoots the Second of Tuna Town. No, there was no Beatrice Pussyfoots before her. Go with it.

I am married to a ridiculous man who complements my quirks, puts up with my faults, and seemingly knows how to prevent me from going crazy, despite us driving each other nuts in the best and worst ways. Aww, love, am I right?

I watch Gilmore Girls much too much and have a thing for books, games, and decorating, redecorating, and re-redecorating our house. I live for perfect snow falls, Christmas decor and doing entirely too much with my time. Burn-out is my middle name.

Welcome to the Vicentine Design where I mostly design wedding stationery, but if I’m not drowning with orders, I’m good for just about anything else paper crafty and design-y. Wordsmithing too, clearly.



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