pack your bags

pack your bags

I’m pretty sure I jinxed myself. I foolishly declared that time was on my side, and distractions few and far between. I publicly announced it and immortalized it in digital print. Oops. Always keep your mouth shut when things are going super duper awesome because otherwise, the Universe kind of looks at you and goes, “Oh, really? I’ve been hoping to purge and if you’ve got the room to spare, I’ll just throw this box of goodies your way.”

That isn’t to say that things still aren’t super great, but they’re certainly a lot more frantic and a little more borderline chaotic than I was anticipating for this point in January.

My broken toe Christmas gift resulted in me having to delay my winter session of Zumba by a week. I was convinced that one extra week would help, but there I was, last Thursday, still taped and bandaged with a Tensor, just in case, slipping and sliding all over the floor that was a heck of a lot more dangerous than I thought.

Last night? Last night was amazing. Despite still needing some buddy taping, I was able to pound away on that foot like the good old days of four weeks ago. I hope I never outright break a foot, because wow, has having a broken toe made me a grump-a-saurus at times.

Dear toe,

I love you. You’re the best.
Never break again.

Your favourite body

Also, Universe, don’t take that as an invitation to BREAK MY FOOT.

Toe aside, January wedding orders are in full swing, as are fun, unexpected home adventures. The latter being one of the distractions I deemed to not have going into 2013. Silly girl.

I ask you, how many times can you rearrange and change your home office in a short period of time? According to our house, two times in a week and a half.

None of that is nearly as exciting as our spontaneously planned TRIP TO NEW YORK, however. On a whim, one Friday evening earlier this month, I started looking up flights to various destinations, thinking we needed to make the most of the February long weekend (which is, also, my birthday weekend, in a round about way).

Central Park statues

2008 was the last time I was in New York City, during a cooler weekend in early May. This time around, we’re embracing the cold head on, visiting the city in the dead of winter. This time around, we aren’t spending 10 hours in a van to get there, nor will I be there for a Broadway show, specifically (The Little Mermaid forever, by the way).

This time around, we will putz around town, exploring the lower half of the island, as we eat and eat and eat and hang out and people watch and eat. We’ll pretend to be true New Yorkers with our one bedroom apartment rental in Astoria (truly, the only way to travel), and, most likely, fail miserably because we’ll so obviously NOT be true New Yorkers.

At least we won’t be like the kidlets Mike and I have occasionally run into at various stores around town who pretend to be British with the MOST AWFUL British accents. We can’t help but impersonate them each time, because, why not?

Central Park fountain


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