wednesday reads: secret santa visits!

wednesday reads: secret santa visits!

I was upstairs in the office getting some Etsy orders ready when I noticed the mailman walking away from our house and across the street. Excited, I ran downstairs, flung open the door, and reached into the mailbox where I retrieved a Royal Mail envelope. Success Number One: the dress I ordered from sparklyeyes on Etsy had finally arrived! I bought it for the cocktail party last week, but it failed to show up on time, which I half expected anyway, and so, was just as excited to see it today.

Once inside, I noticed there was a delivery card in the pile of flyers, saying that a package too large for our mailbox had been left at the door. I was perplexed for a second, since I hadn’t noticed a package when I stepped out to grab the mail.

I checked again, and sure enough, there it was, tucked neatly between the flower pot and wall. Oops. Blinders strike again.

I grabbed the large bubble envelope and excitedly skipped back into the house where I properly looked at the label and saw that it was from my Broke and Bookish Secret Santa! Success Number Two! I was holding my first Secret Santa package of the year!

And what a lovely, generous Secret Santa she was!

I cut open the envelope and discovered this super adorable wrapped box inside. I’m pretty sure I began talking to myself at this point, rambling on about how cute the box was.

Well, that’s a bit of a lie. It’s not like I was alone in the room. Daisy was snoozing on my chair and so, I threw the ribbons at her to play with when I started ripping into the box. She wasn’t really thrilled with my offering unfortunately. I’m sure Beatrice would have appreciated the gesture a lot more had she been there.

After unwrapping the exterior paper, I was met with an appropriately coloured storage box and wrapped lid. How incredibly useful post gift removal (I love storage boxes too much. Seriously.)! As thrilled as I was, I began to feel more and more awful about my own Secret Santa gift. I really gotta step it up next year and bring some funk into the mix. Sorry, Amy!

I popped off the lid and I’m pretty sure this is where I started blubbering all over myself at how cute, neat and put together this whole package was. I read the enclosed card before unwrapping the presents and then excitedly tore into them, wondering which of the books on the wish list I included with my Secret Santa submission were selected.

The winners? Like Water for Chocolate (Laura Esquirel) which was recommended to me by a co-worker/client about a year and a bit ago, but I had failed to pick up for myself, over and over and over again, and Miss Peregine’s Home for Peculliar Children (Ransom Riggs) which had me loudly exclaiming, “No! She didn’t!” because, for some reason, I’m really excited to read a book with photos of scary children in it. For real. I’m not kidding.

Yes. I, too, am worried about my ability to sleep after diving into that whole escapade.

Included, also, were some lipglosses, facial masks, chocolates, which Randy has already claimed as his own (hah!), and an eyeshadow palette specifically for green eyes. I’m not sure how she knew, since I don’t recall mentioning my green eyes anywhere, and so, I’m just going to say she’s magical.

The mysterious Secret Santa in question? Jackie from Jackies Bookbytes! Thank you so much, Jackie! Too lovely! This was entirely too lovely and I can’t wait to do it all again next year … thrice as good. Pinkie swear.


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  1. Randy


  2. Melanie

    On-line Secret Santa? That is such a great idea! I felt your excitement and I totally want to do that next year. I’ve got a million books to read right now though. Good Christmas spirit.

  3. yay! I love seeing it in pictures ! I don’t know what is more exciting – putting it together or seeing the beautiful colored pictures that you posted ha! It’s twice the fun so thank you for sharing !

    I am thrilled out of my mind that you liked it , that’s all . It’s a good feeling :) I’m glad your boyfriend liked the chocolate too :p Don’t ask me how I knew your eye color , cuz I didn’t. I was just hoping you liked the color palette . I have green (hazel) eyes myself . The only think I was concerned about was my awful handwriting in the card.

    This was a really successful secret santa and I had fun shopping and you did a good job with your list of wants . I also got mine yesterday , what a coincidence .

    At first I thought you didn’t like the package from reading a previous post of yours . I’m sorry . I made the assumption it was my package you were talking about and felt a little disappointed :( but then I saw your tweet :) and I realize it was your gift to your secret santa. I am happy she liked your gift too .

    • vicentine

      I agree! Seeing your photos on your recipients blog is just as exciting as putting it together and shipping it out. It’s almost like being able to see them open it live. Almost. ;)

      You were super thoughtful with your present! I’m sorry you had a moment of disappointment. ;) Secrets are tricky things, aren’t they?

  4. Amy

    Are you kidding me?? I loved my package and thought it was incredible!! (Last year through the swap I got one book via BookDepository and not even a card other than that, so you know, you did absolutely amazing!)

    Also, your gift looks like tons of fun, so glad you enjoyed the experience!

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